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News From Animal DREAMS!


We've been busy and it's time for an update. Remember the grant to fix 125 cats in the west side of Pittsfield? We succeeded! That makes us eligible to apply for a new grant from Petsmart to fix even more cats. We and Berkshire Humane Society are writing the grant application now, and hope to be able to fix 500 cats in Pittsfield starting sometime in May or June. Most of these cats will be free-roaming (owned and unowned), but some can be indoor-only owned cats. Crossing fingers that we'll get the grant!

Tag Sale!


TAG SALE, Saturday March 21, 2015 9 AM to 2 PM 441 North Street!
Animal DREAMS will be out of the current facility by the end of this month. We still have some stuff for sale. Come to our tag sale, make an offer and take it home with you! It'll be the best offer on all of our for-sale stuff, so there are bargains to be had! If you're interested, please just come that day. We don't have the volunteer help to answer calls or meet folks at a different time.



THIS SUNDAY, November 23rd outside WALMART at Berkshire Crossing in Pittsfield some wonderfully supportive teenagers are having a Bake Sale and 50/50 Raffle in support of Animal DREAMS. Please stop by and support them and us!!!


Items We Have a Need for:


  • *Dry & canned cat food
  • *Dry & canned kitten food

Gift cards:

  • *Gas cards or debit cards ($10-20 – for trapping and veterinary appointment runs)
  • *Tractor Supply (898 Crane Ave., Pittsfield, MA)
  • Petco (690 Merrill Rd., Pittsfield, MA)
  • Benson's Pet Center (457 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, MA)
  • Staples (Berkshire Crossing, 555 Hubbard Ave., Pittsfield, MA)
  • Wal-mart (Berkshire Crossing, 555 Hubbard Ave., Pittsfield, MA)

Office Supplies/Other:

  • Postage stamps
  • Microwaveable pet heating pads
  • Reusable hand warmers
  • Break-away cat collars
  • Corporate sponsors
*Most needed